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1975 Catherine's Letter - Oct.17

October 17, 1975
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Well, I suppose you are about as far from Sanford, Maine as you could get.  Things are going along very well here.  I'm sorry I didn't write sooner about having gone down to see John.  I guess I assumed that he would write to you sooner than he did.  I had to go down to Boston to pick up X at the airport the Sunday before John's birthday so I left early in the afternoon and stopped to see John.  I went to Vespers with him and then we had the buffet supper at the Exeter Inn.  It was 5,95 each so you sent us just the right amount of money.  John seemed to be doing well, much more at home than the same time last year when I went down to see him.

My bookkeeping class is going well.  There are only about eight of us in the class so we get plenty of personal attention from the teacher.  We have these workbooks which is supposed to as if we were keeping all the books for a wholesale leather goods business.  I am thinking of taking an accounting course through the Community College next semester.

I will probably take some of my vacation days in November and meet you all in New York.  The weekend before that Ardy (who was married in July [I went on the New England bike trip with her and the cross country trip in the VW in 1968]) and her husband are going to be in Boston visiting some other friends so I plan to go down and see her.

The library addition is coming along.  They poured the floor the beginning of this week.  They will be breaking through into the old building about the 1st of November and tearing out the stacks behind the circulation desk and remodeling that area.  In the meantime we are trying to relocate the 9000 books which are now there.  We have books in all the windows, books on top of the stacks, books to the ceiling in the basement, books on top of the magazines in the upstairs magazine room, etc.

I was thinking about quitting my second job – Stop & Go but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it.  The extra money is nice and I still seem to have plenty of time to do other things.  As a matter of fact I am about to leave for work right now so I'll finish this off and mail it on my way.  I hope it gets there before you leave.  I'm sure you're having a good time.


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