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1985 Roberta's letter -Oct.20

October 20, 1985
Dear Folks (traveling folks),

Hope this letter finds you –– and finds you well & enjoying your trip!  Just remember  – the next time you go – Sid & I might try to join you.

I've got a big day planned – am to meet Anne & Gene Hamilton – Apache Junction at their new church there at 10:00 AM  It is a community church that they have actually helped to 'physically' build – considering the fact that she is a Catholic & he has never gone to Church – it is quite amazing for them to be so active!

Then will spend the day in East Mesa seeing some E. Mesa Senior Center people – last time I was over in E. Mesa was June 18th – the day Sid got home from England & the day of the accident with the Ohio women!  It's been a busy summer!

Didn't think I properly thanked you all for the good week w/ you all in New Vienna.  Always a pleasure to be at home w/ you both!

Speaking of pleasure – we are looking forward w/ great pleasure for to your time out here at Christmas.  We have reservations at a very nice travel trailer park about 5 miles North of here.  We went ahead & got the space for a month – the way it turned out that was only $6.00 more than 2 weeks!

We are planning to have the trailer there & set up for your arrival – then after you all leave in January we plan to go up for a long weekend ourselves.

The park has a heated pool – covered & spa – also square dancing!

Talked with John at the bank this past week – they will be going to New Vienna the 26th – spend the night with Grandma.

Had my 1st Nutrition Test this past week – sure felt uneasy about it.  Especially since I missed the 1st test & the teacher said I didn't have to make up the test since I had such a good grasp of the material!  So . . . . I really felt the pressure on to produce a good grade on this test!

How is your trip?  Are you taking some good pictures?  This week Sid is back in South Bend – I'm sure he is taking some good pictures!

The airport looked like a Senior Citizens center – When I took Sid to the airport Friday – the $25 fare for people over 65 are sure filling up the planes!  Talked w/ Sid & he said not one single empty seat between Phx & Houston & also between Houston & Chicago – no empty seats!  No meal included on the $25 fare!

How do you like the Indian food – do you find it too hot?  I'm trying to lose 2 pounds myself – but it "ain't" easy!  It's especially not easy when everywhere I go people try to feed me!  So I'm trying to exercise more!

–– It is now Monday PM – have been busy studying Nutrition tonight – Anne Hamilton gave me lots of printed material yesterday on various subjects.

Again – anxious to hear more about THE TRIP!

Much Love,

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