Sunday, October 11, 2015

1975 Roberta & MV write to HH & Jean -Oct.

 HH & Jean have gone to Australia and New Zealand.  MV, and Roberta write a letter, and Ruth Shoemaker adds a paragraph too.

Sunday night
Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi!  Bert has been burring me to write you so here it is.  As you know I am selling Cake-walk tickets.  I got them Friday & sold 17 Friday night.  (I got 48). Saturday I sold the other 37 yesterday and ran out.  [Something is wrong with this math.]  I heard Mrs. Wolfe was at Bonnie Waters House.  So I went down there and asked her if I could have some more tickets and she said I couldn't have anymore until Monday but, told me to take orders so I took orders and counting my orders I have sold 123.

* * * * *

Mon. Hi, Jean and Harold:

I see this letter here so will add a line.  Mary V. isn't up yet.  I think she believes I am trying to starve her but I am not going to let her gain if I can help it. We went to Wooden Spoon yesterday for lunch – then over to Wilmington to Hospital to see Mrs. Oscar Johnson who went in Sat. nite for chest pains not serious said she wouldn't have to stay only couple of days resting.  I let Berta finish this up.  Have a good time – Your "Kids."

* * * * *

School went fine today.  Dad, I had to dig another garbage hole today.  The first one must not have been to deep or we must be eating more!  Ha!  We are watching "Phillis."  She takes piano when she is 8 years old and goes to a recital (sp?) and gets to teh middle of the song and can't remember anything more.

She decides to take piano lessons again.  She goes to a recital and does the same thing but when it is over and everybody is about to leave the room she tells them to go back to their seats and she plays it the whole way through.

M. V. U. 

P.S. Roberta is doing fine with piano.

* * * * *

HI!  I had such a nice dinner with Miss Octualt (sp?) last night.  She gave me several people to get in contact with in Wilmington -- like the person in charge of all the foreign students at the college, others who had worked or have been to India.  Also gave me 33 missionaries, teachers, etc. who are now in India that are supported at least by part of Methodist funds.  Gave me some magazines with articles pertaining to India, etc.  So once more I have lots to read.  The other night when I wasn't home the Doctor from India that I had called before called and talked to Mary Virginia and asked her if I was still going to be going.  SO I should call him back.

Weegie had a little girl on Saturday and Sue Smith has a little girl yesterday.  Judge Hottle's nephew spoke Sunday at Church.  We didn't get out till quarter of twelve . . . . . everyone was moving around in the pews.  The postmasters son spoke . . . . . . his hair cut makes Blaine Ballantine [sic] look long.

Yesterday Ollie Stoops and her husband bought a new car (a 73) and yesterday afternoon it caught on fire down town.  It was totally burnt.  She was very upset . . . . . as they just signed the papers for it on her noon hour.

Yesterday and the last few days have been beautiful.  It was 83 y3sterday, Grandma was outside.  Tonight she wants to go to the meeting at Riders.

Elizabeth is getting along fine in the hospital . . . she will be able to come home tomorrow.  The only thing is that Oscar has been the sick one and she worries about him.

Still no word from Saxbe.  I am going to write the missionaries in Delhi and try to meet with them during my stay there.  I got the bill for my trip today, went to the bank and a cashiers check is on its way to AAA.

Have got to go . . . . . hope you all are having a good time, we are all fine.  I had some good turkey livers for my lunch and felt it a shame that mom was there to enjoy them with me.  Ruth is taking good care of everything.



Mary Crowson said...

The name is question I believe is Kathleen Alcott whom I very vaguely remember as an older adult who possibly attended Wilmington UMC? I googled the name but could come up with nothing further other than a 1976 clipping in the Wilmington paper. Maybe Roberta will remember why she was a good resource?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Hadn't thought of her [Alcott or Octualt] for decades. Believe she lived in an apt over Dr McMullens office just across the street from the Wilmington UMC. I recall her as a teacher and very active in the UMC with plenty of contacts.

After Dr. Hause retired we had Dr M as our dentist, who we were very happy with. See where Dr. Jim Faris another Wilmington dentist passed away at 77 years. He and Grant were sons of Russ and Faye Faris, who owned the local implement store. Interesting that both brothers passed away at the same age.

It was bad news when Faris quit selling and repairing lawn mowers. Likewise when our local hardware store in NV closed and we have the big box stores instead.

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