Thursday, October 29, 2015

1985 Roberta & GHU - Halloween at Senior Village

Sid's great depiction of Roberta's "costume" makes up for the newsletter version of the photo, which most likely exists in living color in either Roberta's or the family archives.  Not hard to remember Grandma in the purple jogging suit – her traveling clothes – but certainly not the classic GHU look.  The paragraph (presumably written by Sid) is transcribed below.
Page 18 of the 34-page Senior Village "News and Views"
November 1985 newsletter.  


Honors for longevity at Senior Village's annual Halloween extravaganza went to Mrs. GLADYS UIBLE, 93 years young, grandmother of the Village Manager, ROBERTA UIBLE-KING.  Mrs. UIBLE, who is confined to a wheel chair, spent two weeks during late October and early November with ROBERTA and her husband, SID, flying to and from Cincinnati by herself.  Wearing a purple jogging suit and carrying a jump rope, Mrs. UIBLE appeared ready to treat the Senior Village residents to an exhibition of strenuous calisthenics.  ROBERTA entranced the residents with an outfit consisting of five items of clothing, all of clashing colors, topped with high black boots at the bottom.  Her hair was "modified punk" causing some residents to congratulate her on her splendid, better than usual, hairdo.  Ten long fingernails, all sporting unmentionable, garish colors, completed her Halloween costume.

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Mary Crowson said...

Definitely Sid's writing and I do not remember Grandma ever wearing pants, let alone a jogging suit of any kind....

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