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1985 Family Letter -Oct.6

Sunday, October 6, 1985

Dear Family:

Heard an interview recently about how to avoid procrastination . . . just practice three words "Do It Now".  We did get into gear yesterday putting up storm windows and working the yard projects.  Just a week from today we head East . .  virtually on the same date as Roberta went ten years ago.  We leave NYC at 8:15 P.M. and arrive in New Delhi the next evening at 11P.M. (which will be 2 P.M. (Ohio time).

Kyung Ho Kim was here for supper last evening . . . their family has decided to move to the U.S. now that his parents have passed away and two of their daughters are now at Wilmington College.  Right now he is talking of settling in the Cincinnati area, with NYC as a 2nd choice.  More power to them.

Cris and Angela are expecting next Spring and Aunt Mary is trying out a hearing aid.  We enjoyed having Roberta here for a week . . . . it went so quickly.  Grandma took up her invitation to come out and is leaving for Phoenix for two weeks on October 29th.  There is a non stop 3 hour flight from Cincinnati which is great.  Mary Virginia and the tow of us are planning to go out at Christmas time and wish it was possible for more of the rest of the family to make it.

We are still enjoying our garden, no frost yet, so still have tomatoes, plus carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, raspberries and new lettuce, radishes and spinach.  John Hughes as the Lions Club program on Wednesday about all the dangers of chemicals in farming and about the fish kill in their pond.  Dad was also on the committee for the dinner and they had a total cost of $50.00 for the thirty people and each of the four brought home enough food for a couple of meals.

Dad has written the above and covered the high spots.  We will enclose a brief itinerary of what they have sent us.  If anyone feels so included to write – the last would be the safest as a letter we got from India recently took a good two weeks.  Happened to meet someone at the ABA meeting in London who sent us some literature about India.  We have no idea where our home stay will be located so don't know how to plan the last of the four weeks that we will be there.  We are guessing that it may not be Bombay so plan to spend our time there and possibly a couple of days in London to rest a little before the rat race of USA.

Harold Thornburg had a heart attack last Thursday and is in intensive care at Clinton Memorial.  That was the same day that Carolyn's mother was buried so quite traumatic for her.

[Love, etc.]

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