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1985 Catherine's letter -Aug. 29

August 28, 1985
Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi!  Here is a copy of Wendy's school calendar so you can see her spring vacation is the week of March 31 - April 4.  I don't know how this will work out with your plans but it would be a good time to plan a visit!

Wendy's teacher this year will be Mrs. Largent, a young oriental lady.  I don't know her but Gerry knows her husband who is a farmer.  She was Wendy's first choice so Wendy is really pleased.  There will be 17 in her class, 10 boys and 7 girls.

Yesterday we did the last of the before school shopping, buying a pair of shoes which she desperately needed.  We had a hard time finding a pair of velcro tennis shoes in size 5, finally ended up getting a pair of 5½'s at Sears.

Things have really slowed down for Gerry at work.  Harvest is all over, several weeks ahead of schedule due to the hot, dry weather.  This week he is back on his regular hours and says that business is especially slow.  The farmers can't do too much now until it rains and then they could prepare to do the fall planting.

Not much news from the library, especially since I am off this week.  School was to start in Moscow today for both the public schools and the university.  Construction is under way on the library here in Colfax with the expected completion day of October 15.  Also under construction is part of the highway closest to Colfax between here and Pullman.  This has been adding 10-15 minutes to my travel time in the morning as they have two sets of flagmen holding up traffic while trucks haul dirt around.  It will be nice when its done!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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