Thursday, August 06, 2015

1975 John's Letter - Aug.6

Wed. August 6, 1975

My Dearest Ones Away from Home,

I decided it was my duty to write a lovely letter to my loved ones.

Everything here is quiet, except the poker games and wild parties until 2:00 a.m.  Grandma said to say she is fine.  I mailed out her 200 jack letters this morning.  In matter of fact, Phyllis was writing in the bulk rate slip when you called her, but I didn't want to interrupt a business call.   Dad, I hope you got along alright with the gang at Silver-Berke [?].

My jiggers have spread more, but do not seem to be bothering me.  On Grandma's advice, I have been using amonia [sic] on them.  Mr. Hessler showed me his arm with jiggers.  He told me Charlie Gibson was covered, too, and all they did was stand on the lot ten minutes for the auction.

I have just reached the point where most of the leftovers are gone.  Now I am anxious to try Miraculous Momma's pre-packed, assorted treats.  Garden is overflowing with food.  Some meals I eat a whole tomato.  Since Mary Va. is gone, someone must inherit your (her) tomato appetite.  I hope Mary Va. and Roberta are able to get along without my heavenly guidance.

The weather has been cool and cloudy, but not too much rain.  Mom, I think I remember you saying for me not to work too much.  So I am trying to stack my dirty dishes neatly in the sink for you to tend to on your return.

Gilliland's Garden Group brought beets last night, but I sadly informed her that her boss was on his 17th honeymoon to Czeckoslavokia [sic] with wife and two daughters.  I think they can bring more beets at a later date.  I hope all of you are having a good time at the Cold-Turkey Convention.

J. B. Uible

PS Last night, or I mean this morning at either 2:30 a.m. or 3:30 a.m., I received a collect call from Jackie Brown for Miss Uible.  I know I wasn't dreaming, but I can't remember much about the call.  I was tired after another big party.

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