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1975 Roberta's letter to GHU -Aug. 20

August 20, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter and for sending me Aunt Mary's letters.  Joe will be home tomorrow – and before too long he will be in Ohio.

Right now I wish I had the money to travel out West with Joe – but I have all my money set aside for India.  Tomorrow I'm going into New York City and begin to get some of the things I need to get worked out for my trip.  I'm going in on the 6:55  A.M. bus so I'll have a full day in the city.

Dad – I got your short note & tokens which I'll be using tomorrow.  Thanks.

Mary Virginia – how was your time at Lakeside?  What all did you do?

I'm curious if Marian & I.T. made it to New Vienna Monday night.  If they did it must have been late.  Because of my sending so much home w/them I'll have it easy come Labor Day.

The camp program here for children is falling apart – as the director let yesterday.  As far as I'm concerned though I'm glad he left.  He was always complaining – whatever we had to eat – he didn't like.

I'm enclosing an article about India a girl friend sent me.  Please save it.  Will send you a post card from the city.


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