Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1975 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 25

August 25, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Thanks for the letter.  I was beginning to wonder if you'd made it back to New Vienna.  Thanks also for all the clippings.

X got a letter from David and he evidently left Montreal on the Friday before you got there.  He didn't come to Sanford due to lack of time and money but may make a trip out here later this year.  As far as I know X is still planning to spend at least part of his vacation out in Illinois visiting Bruce, Beth, David, etc. [all friends from college]

My vacation is still pretty much up in the air.  Now that summer is almost over I'm even more convinced I want to save it until winter time but the question is when and where.

The tomatoes ripened up nicely and were delicious.  I have since also gotten some from a friend so I have been enjoying some summer produce.

X and I are planning to initiate the divorce proceedings fairly soon as we keep running into more and more problems like what to do about car insurance, mortgage, etc.  If we can get the property settlement worked out to our mutual satisfaction then we should be all set.

Yesterday a friend and I went down by the ocean and bought up alot of good seafood (lobster, clams, and crabs) and came back and cooked them all up.  It made for a good dinner.

I've been keeping Kuman here as she has been in heat and X didn't want her to run loose.  I'll probably be sending her back the middle of the week.

It's time to sweep the floors and get read to go to work.  So . . . 


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