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1975 Roberta's letter -Aug. 21

August 21, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi! Feel like I had a walking tour of N.Y.C. today!  Right now it's 8:15 p.m. & I'm plopped up in bed – dead to the world.  1st I took a 6:30 A.M. bus out of Sparta & got into Port of Authority at 7:45.  I walked down 42nd street to 1st Avenue.  Past the United Nations buildings – at 44th street & 1st Ave. was the place I had to get my student card I need for my upcoming trip.  Then I walked to 62nd street (right where Maxwell plums is!) and back over just a half block off 5th to the India Gov't building & got my visa.  By 10L45 I had done what I was afraid would take me all day – or longer.  So then I walked down 5th Avenue & ate at the Tandoor Restaurant.  OH – I walked down 4th (I think) for a couple of blocks – went into the Waldorf Astoria (to sit down & use the pay-phone) Looked at their breakfast menu – for $4.00 you could get 1 egg, fruit juice, toast & coffee!  Wow!  I had a good lunch at Tandoor – ate upstairs buffet style.  Different stuff than when Dad & I was there.  Had alot of different kinds of melon & fruits all mixed up in a carved out watermelon.  As to meat – a lamb dish, chicken and some type of beef curry (on Hot side) Also this delicious stuff – they said it was home made cottage cheese.

When I got my student card I was only able to get it till December.  The new ones come out in October º but since I'm not going to school this fall I will not be eligible for one in October.

There were lots of Indian people where I got my visa.  It was so close to where we stayed [arrow pointing to the letterhead – Marriott's Essex House].  From the restaurant I slowly worked (walking all the way) my way to the bus station.  I got there about 2:00 So instead of going in I kept walking down to 34th street – all around me were men pushing racks of coats, etc. (Garment district) & over to Macy's.  Was just there a short time & then back to the bus station to meet my 5:35 bus.  Was back to Netcong at 6:55!  Both coming & going the buses were packed – full of men w/ their briefcases!

I saw alot of sights & everything in the city today – but next week I'm going to use the bus tokens!  The boys I work w/ gave me excellent directions as to how to get where I had to go – where to catch the buses, etc – wait till they hear I walked it all!  On my way to United Nations went inside the old train station – walked past big library & building w/ trees, etc.  growing inside.

Now – I checked w/ the Greyhound people & the best deal for me would be to get a 4:00 PM bus out of Netcong – which gets me to N.Y.C.  at 5:15 PM – a bus leaves for Columbus at 7:30 PM & arrives in Columbus at 9:40 A.M. Tuesday AM.  Would this be convenient for you all to meet?  I could get a bus to Wilmington but there is at least a 3 hour lay-over.

This bus is by far the best for me – as I leave NYC at a decent time – also arrive in Columbus at a good time.

I'm now the only person on the 2nd floor.  As Sid the program director left yesterday.

OH – guess what I did Wednesday & will be doing again this afternoon.  Driving people into Netcong to the grocery in the van.  Mr. Ream is really hurting for help since the driver left & also 3 of the 4 counselors.  Driving the van I don't mind at all.

I had a letter from Aunt Mary about the possibility of my coming to Lancaster.  But I feel it too much via bus.

I've got to do some laundry, etc – but wanted to tell you the good news as to my visa – etc.  I really feel like I'm going now!

This next week when I go into the city – just shopping!  Not going to walk from one end of the city to the other.

Hope all is well – please let me know about 9:40 Sept. 2nd.


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