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1985 Family Letter - Aug. 18

[Some of the typos have been corrected and others have probably been added. . . .]

Sunday, August 18, 1985

Dear Family,

It was nice to have a large part of the family here for a brief period during this past week.  X and John had to return the same afternoon, while Serena rode with Rob and Cindy to Indianapolis where she caught a bus for Chicago . . . . getting back laste [sic -- late or last or both] Monday evening.  The rest of the Horton clan left yesterday morning with Joe riding with the Kintners to the Columbus airport.  Grandma "weathered" all the company in great shape.  She also saw the Doctor who gave her a good report.

Mary Virginia was in and out several times and one of the highlights was when she and Joe had some "joint" music.  Joe is going to Taos, New Mexico later this month for painting and plans to go to Indonesia in February . . . we kidded him in saying what extent people go to be out of town when we plan to be in New York.

Roberta plans to be here for a week staring [sic] September 17.  Serena plans to come back again and we want to get together with X and John while Roberta is here.  We were pleasantly surprised to get cards from Cindy (should say Cynthia) and Wendy.  Hopefully she will have some memories of her trip with her great grandmother and her two aunts [actually only one aunt, Serena, went on the trip] this past July.  Roberta has already invited Wendy to Phoenix next summer.

We are getting caught up from our trip . . . . we do appreciate the spaciousness of our home, especially after five days in a small cabin on the QE2.  We enjoyed the public areas of the ship as much as those who had paid six times as much as we had.  Cunard also has standby fares which run about half of the regular fare.  Going by ship is such an event compared to flying.

Dad has written much and I am not used to this typewriter - tried to correct some of his words and never did fight the right keys or lines.  It was good to talk to each of even if briefly - wish that all our family might get together as the Hortons did but it was hectic too at times.  Cris and Angela and Rob and Cindy stayed with us but insisted and having breakfast at Ginny's Restaurant with the rest of the young people - am sure the restaurant will miss their business each morning.  They went canoing one day, to the State Fair another and golfing a couple of times.  We never did see Robert or Wes swim - they never went to the Y but swam at Snow Hill a couple of times.  Joe went to Cincinnati on Friday and saw Melissa and her husband who are remodeling ah home that cost a million to build and they are making into a music school - they have outgrown their present one.  The stained glass (Tiffany) windows alone have been valued at $900,000.  Joe says that she is the mastermind behind the school. He also looked over the conservatory where he went and downtown Cincy.

The raspberries have really been prolific - just picked and left Dad to pick more as the bugs were getting to me.  We had hoped that someone would pick while we were gone but there were so many on the ground!

School starts here a week from tomorrow and I hate to see summer over but it has been a hot one and humid!  Miss Shirley (McKamey) is taking a year's leave of absence and there will be 3 first grades and only one 3rd so they didn't get a replacement for Va. Hildebrant.

Grandma went to the eye doctor and Dr. Hamilton both Friday and got good reports.  The eye doctor can't help her eyes to read any better but said that she would never go blind.  Dr. H. says he can't see that the stroke she had has affected her at all so both encouraging.

The friend of Mary Virginia's where she has lived this summer has been painting the eaves but it is a long slow process.  She starts as principal of Town & Country school soon.  Kay Dick is working out well as Dad's asst. atty.

[Love, etc.]

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