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1975 Roberta's letter -Aug. 26

August 26, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was just thinking that I better drop you all a note now – or as slow as mail is you won't be getting it till after I get back home.

1st – I am planning on arriving via Grey hound in Columbus at 9:40 AM Sept. 2nd.  Now – since I got your letter and J.B. is talking about flying out of Columbus that morning this should work out.

I should hope my big box, pillows, etc. made it to New Vienna by now.  I.T. & Marion must had had car trouble – as it seems they should have made better time.

Tomorrow I'll be on the 6:30 A.M. bus to NYC – I am planning on eating breakfast at the Hudson Guild Senior Citizen club – for 25¢ they serve a full breakfast – but no meat.  Only people over 60 are eligible.  (I'm special!)

Mr. Ream has really been short-handed.  He's had me make alot of trips to Netcong – etc. for the farm.  I enjoy it – and it gets me out of the dining room more.

I want to go to China Town tomorrow & also look around Greenich (sp?) village.

Have heard from the Hortons – Joe should have gotten in today.  I would like to go to Florida w/them.  I've never been to Florida since 1973 when I'm NOT working or going to school.  I'd like to go down – strictly tourist!

The farm had a good write up in the Newark Newspaper & as a result we've had alot of people "drop in" to see the place.  It was good publicity.  They interviewed Louise & she said – "I'm 72 & wear false eyelashes – they give me a lift."

Serena – will I miss seeing you – when are you leaving for school?  J.B. – I'll just be missing you.  As you are leaving Columbus look down for a Grey hound & think of me.

Got to go – need my sleep for my big day off tomorrow –––



* * * * *
Also included with this letter were two pictures which will be posted soon, and a flyer with a list of activities of the New York City Asia Society.

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