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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - April 25

Keeping busy in New Vienna. Transcription follows.
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Sunday Evening [April 25, 1982]

Dear Family:

This past week has been a BIG one for our two high school Seniors with the Jr.Sr. dinner on Thursday night, the dance on Friday night which ended with breakfast at our house sometime late or rather early Saturday morning for a group of their friends.  The girls each had a date and all were dressed for the occasion.  Hopefully we will have some pictures to show you later.

For M.V. her order of some 160 trees came in on Thursday.  They naturally took a back seat until Saturday when she planted most of them.  We are glad that she enjoys working with flowers and trees.  Her latest "fling is going into the landscaping business with Tim Larrick (another senior) and several contracts (guess who with) for lawn care.  [GHU?  HHU?]

Saturday was a full day for there was a library meeting in Dayton, so left here about 8 A.M., had lunch in the Oregon district in Dayton, saw Melba Harner briefly in the hospital, who unfortunately does not seem to be making much progress.  We had signed up earlier to visit Lake Cowan Saturday afternoon as the Governor had declared the day to be "State Park Day."  As one of the government invitees we had the VIP tour, both on land and water.  Never had thought of the fact, but they told us that being a man made lake it should last for 75 years before erosion fills the lake.  Hard to believe that the lake was started in 1946.  [By that figuring the lake will be filled in 2021.]  This past week a 40+# fish was caught.

In the evening we went to Wilmington College as this couple was having a musical program, the lady was Kimberly Daniels De Ocha, who is a native of the Wilmington area and was at UC at the same time as Joe Horton.  The program was great, very professionally presented so glad that we had made the effort to go.  Of the three accompanists last night one was Carmen DeLeone, one of the conductors of the Cincinnati Symphony.

Needless to say this weekend was not the ideal one for us to turn up the clock, but (I think to Grandma's surprise) we were on time for Sunday School.  Tonight was the annual Sr. Citizens Church Dinner and we were on the serving dinner committee.  Menu consisted of turkey loaf, potatoes, beans, juice and cake plus the usual odds and ends.  The program was a couple from Dayton who showed slides of wildlife, flowers and upper New England.  He had great slides - real closeups of all kinds of flowers and even rain drops.

Aunt Virginia called this evening ... she is feeling better these days.  She mentioned that Bill Dailey has passed the Maryland Bar and has quit his government job and gone into private law practice in a small town near Washington.  We hope to see him when we go to Baltimore in July.

Looking around the corner we would be glad to have any of your folks home for any and/or all of the following:  Mother's Day (two weeks) Graduation Day (four weeks) and Grandmother's Celebration Day (eight weeks).

[Love, etc.]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Interesting to me to notice how one of them will often start the letter then the other will finish it---very different styles of communicating....i.e. Mother started with "Saturday was a busy day..." re: the library meeting and would be considered the "color report" whereas Dad is the play by play only facts.... ;)

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