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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - April 19

NV Senior Citizens building dedication, MV prepares for prom, George Shaffer family, religious cults in Oregon and more. Transcription follows.
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Monday morning -
April 19, 1982

Dearest Family -

We had a busy day yesterday with the opening and dedication of the Senior Citizens Center in New Vienna. (The attendance at church was really down too because of this - and noticeable because we had so many Easter morning.) They served a dinner at the center form 11-2 and had singing groups and the Hillsboro Sunshine Band made up of Sr. Citizens. Bob McEwan spoke briefly and presented a flag to the group. Then Miles Nolte (1924-2009), president of Buckeye gave a brief history of the building. One couple we got to see and talk to at length was the George Shaffers. They are both retired and seem to be enjoying it very much - Hillsboro considered them too young for their group but New Vienna made them Associate Members. Imogene is so gray I never recognized her but George look very much the same - except has longer hair than I have ever seen him wear it. They still have a daughter at home - Leslie an eighth grader and Linda and her family live right next door - she had two bright red haired children - a boy and a girl.  Her husband teaches 6th grade in Greenfield and Janis' husband, Tim Hughes teaches 6th grade in Wilmington and they have two boys - just a year apart but Linda's son will start to school this year.  The Shaffers remembered Mie Young's father so were interested in meeting her - said hey remember him writing his name at the pond in the cement there.  They no longer swim there - have pool in their back yard.

The Wilmington Christian School had a group of five homes open to the public - which we rushed to see and did get to view them all - two old ones and three very modern and unusual - one with solar panels, another built with the north end under ground - not near as dark as I had envisioned.  They were all unique and well worth viewing.

Also stopped to see Melba Harner in the hospital who hopes to go home today and saw Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Penn and Louise at Extended Care and ate at Clinton Memorial [Hospital] - best eating out place for price in Wilmington.

Talked to Catherine on phone Saturday and decided Republic Airlines has good deal for Wendy - for 5 proof of purchase seals on the Chex cereals that Ralston Purina put out - they will pay her way (roundtrip) in June.  So you all may have to help eat the Chex if we haven't finished them up by June.  [Wendy, at age 4, would be traveling as a companion with her parents for GHU's 90th birthday get together.]

Just talked to Roberta on the phone and hope that it works out for MV to go to Phoenix to help them drive back here the middle of June.  Roberta and Marion have bought a VW van - real pretty and had gone to Payson for the weekend.  The Morgans went to John Day [a town in eastern Oregon] for an Elks meeting over the weekend and Mary Virginia and Mie Young went up to Newark to see John and X and got to see Honeytree in a concert there as well as buy some discount jeans.  So was a traveling weekend for quite a few.

We enjoyed seeing the picture of Robert Reed which Marianne sent to G'ma in letter - he is really growing up and their whole family is busy too.  They are coming in June as I understand.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill got back to Lake Worth safely after visiting Cris in North Carolina.  Rob and Cindy have decided on Sept. 28 for wedding date now, I think.

The Jr.-Sr. dinner is to be at the high school this Thursday evening and the prom is Friday night so it is a busy time for the girls.  Mie Young invited a shy but very intelligent senior from Reesville and MV invited Ed Roberts - younger brother of Doug and Clark - son of Adrian and Barbara.  He thought for awhile that he might not be able to come for the Wilmington Band was to have something but that was changed to Saturday so he'll be worn out for it instead as they go to movie after prom and then 6 plan to fix breakfast here.

Saw the Gaithers on TV this morning - on the PTL Club about 6:45 - not too much of the Bakers so pleased me more.

Antelope, Oregon has been in the news with the residents trying to keep the town from being run by the Rajneesh group taking over as they own much of the property there.  (This is close to Madras  and we have mentioned the guru's group who bought so much acreage there).  [Antelope's name was changed to "Rajneesh" in 1984, shortly thereafter Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh 1931-1990, was charged with various crimes and returned to India.  The name (which was never changed by the P.O.) was changed back to Antelope in 1985.]

[Love, etc.]

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