Friday, April 13, 2012

1972 - MV invites her Mother to a Brownie Tea

Bit late to actually attend this tea, but we can assume that Jean and Mary Virginia had a wonderful time. I appreciate the full date and love the creative spelling of cafeteria! MV can be thankful to Serena that she was able to be a Brownie.  Ten years later MV is counting the days until graduation, 20 years later the days until Ginny is born.  Forty years later - reading this blog when she has time between her myriad of other duties, responsibilities, and recreations.  Transcription follows.
MV's invitation for her Mother for Brownie Tea 29 March 1972 front
MV's invitation for her Mother for Brownie Tea 29 March 1972

[Brownie Mother's Tea - written on top by Jean]

You are invited to the Mother and Daughter tea, Wed. March 29, 1972 at 7:00 pm. at the school cufiteria. M.U.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Where on earth did you find this? I vaguelly recollect the tea and the troop leader was Georgia Dodd, who is still living--she had 4 children: Greg was 2 yrs. older, Beth was 1 yr. older, Chris my age and Kara was a few years younger. They lived in the big 2 story white house at the other end of the alley from the Martins, next door to the Ridgeways. Wow....had forgotten about all the Girl Scout stuff!

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

MV, I think I can safely say I have this because Mother (or Dad) saved it. Roberta is a good friend of Georgia Dodd. Georgia and Bill were responsible for a pamphlet on the history of New Vienna which was published in 1976 in honor of the Bicentennial so I understand she is a good source for NV historical information.

Everything that I have is now in a state of flux since part of it is sorted by the year "number," in this case "2", but my goal is to eventually have a box for each of my siblings with things related to or especially pertinent to each of us. Then there are the boxes of family correspondence, family history, and New Vienna related information. A bit on New Cumberland too, but that will go in with the Ballantyne info. I still have at least two boxes (mostly letters, I think and some pictures) that I haven't even begun to sort.

Speaking of which, I may reduce the blog publication to five/week instead of the current six, in order to have a bit more time for the sorting yet to be done, and to help get through the next few months when we are planning to travel more. Stay tuned!

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: How quickly you grew up in today's blog, MV, AND in another forty years you will be in your Dad's present age area. Those years come so quickly.

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