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Mary Ruth (Mary Uible Horton) by Margaret Henderson

Margaret Henderson Rea wrote a paper during her senior year in high school, "The Ties That Bind" about herself, her friends and her brother. Featured are Mary Uible Horton, Mary Eloise Simkins, Joe Morton and George Henderson. She got a B+, though interesting and fairly well written, there are many typos, punctuation and spacing errors. Wouldn't they have loved the ease of making corrections we now have!

We could have wished Margaret were a bit more tactful, but she appears to be one who tells the good and bad whether you want to hear it or not. Scanned below is the section on Mary Ruth. Where did the Ruth part come from? Did Aunt Mary always wish for a middle name or did Margaret make that up? Transcription follows.
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Mary Ruth

As you see Mary Ruth is not pretty, but she does wear attractive clothes and has plenty of them. She is only five feet and two inches tall, has brown hair and grey-green eyes, but this only increases the contrast with her pep, and sweet temperament. Besides this she is extremely generous even though she has been in the one-child class (her brother being eleven years her junior).  Her car can always go to the show, her home is always ready for a party, her clothes can be borrowed for a special occasion or her money when yours disappears too quickly.

Her parents have been wonderful friends of mine also and they allow me to make their home mine for any night I want to stay.

Music has been the magic bond between Mary and which has tied us more closely together.  She plays the piano well and, I like to think through my influence, has taken up cello too.  Much of our time has been spent exploring this field.

Though she is my senior in years [Margaret was born 9 Feb 1914, making her six months younger] I heard all her troubles from a tooth ache to some love (?) affair.  Is there any better time for talk and secrets than under the covers with all the lights out.  That is when I learned most.

Mary has always been the president of our Mary club in work or play.  She was first on the tennis court, first in our class at school and first in music.  She is the acknowledged leader and she fits the position well.  Her term of office [as a friend] is indefinite and I hope for always as I want to know her always.

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