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1972 - Mrs. Uible speaks at Westboro on Senegal

This is at least the second program that Jean gave about Senegal. She gave the program for the New Vienna Mothers Club in January 1972, a clipping can be found here.  Jean and HH were in Senegal in April 1971 visiting Joe.  Transcription follows
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Wilmington News Journal 4-18-1972
Mrs. Uible Speaks at Westboro WSCS

Mrs. Harold Uible of New Vienna gave an interesting talk on Senegal, Africa, at the general meeting of the Westboro Women's Society of Christian Service of the United Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon.  In April of 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Uible visited a nephew in the Peace Corps at Dakar, Senegal, on the west coast of Africa.

She related many facts about the country.  Several European languages are spoken, French predominating, the people speak little English, only enough to be hospitable to English and American tourists.

Only one tenth of the population is Christian, the religion is Moslem.  The skin of the people is velvety black, the men wear pantaloons, the women work with their babies strapped on their backs and transport practically everything on their heads.  The people have beautiful teeth and smile often.

Mrs. Uible showed attractive beads, cloth and leather materials with designs, and dolls dressed in national attire, and Moslem prayer beads made by the men.

A main source of bread material is millet.  The women stone grind it to make into bread and cakes. Women also weave.

On Easter the Uibles attended a Protestant church and found the songs they sang were inspiring although the tunes were not familiar.

Mrs. Uible showed interested scenes taken in Senegal.

Mrs. Ben Fiscus gave the prayer following her talk.

Mrs. Paul Cooper, assisted by Mrs. Nathan Pickens and Mrs. Russell Cooper, served dessert.

Others present were Mrs. Walter N. Nichols, Mrs. Lewis Murphy, Mrs. M. L. Dininger, Mrs. Elizabeth Brandenburg, Mrs. Lauis [Louis?] Ratleiff and Mrs. G. H. Chamberlin.

Mrs. Fiscus is chairman for May and the program will be centered on spiritual growth.

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