Saturday, April 07, 2012

1992 MV's postcard to Mom/Dad April 7

Must have been MV's first visit to GG's condo in Naples.  Bob and GG bought the condo in 1987.  Transcription follows.
MV to Mom/Dad - Naples, Florida postcard April 1992
Captioned: Naples, Florida.  Air view of endless waterwrap.  Photo by Larry Mulvehill
[postmarked April 9, 1992]
Had a nice visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill yesterday – saw Rob & Chad (Cindy had W.W.) and their new house [but not their current house, which they had built after Uncle Bill died].  Naples makes Lake Worth look like Harlem – it's become very run down.  Walker condo is nice, clean and quiet.  You'd really enjoy it.  Supposed to drop by Lippman's* tomorrow or Thursday.  She was so excited to hear from us.  Will see you Sunday p.m. at Church?  Love, M.V. & Don

*The Lippmans lived in Naples.  They were married in June 1926.  He was born c1902.

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