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1982 Postcard from Aunt Mary to Grandma - April 18

Postcard written by Mary Uible Horton to her mother, Gladys H. Uible, in April 1982. Transcription follows.
Postcard captioned: GREENFIELD GARDENS - Wilmington, North Carolina.  One of the most beautiful municipal parks in the nation, especially lovely in the spring.  Five mile scenic drive through 185 acres. Free.  Photo by Lew Clemmons
Mary Uible Horton to Gladys Hiestand Uible - North Carolina postcard dated April 18, 1982
Sun. April 18 [1982] Jacksonville, FL - Driving thru 3:30 PM
Dear Mother:
Slow in the cards!!  We left Cris's in the A.M. and drove to Wilmington NC.  We were lucky – we got accommodations at the Motel 6, stayed 3 nites.  We especially enjoyed the gardens!!  Since it was weekend of Azalea Festival there were a lot of extra events going on – some free!! The azaleas and dogwood at their height!  Sat. AM was the parade – over 2 hours long.  I got sunburn on my right arm, we got to area of parade about 8:30 AM began at 9:30.  "Alfonso" [probably Almanzo, who was played by Dean Butler and married Laura in the 1981 seventh season premiere of the TV show] (Little House on the Prairie) was one of the celebrities in the parade.  Good bands and many floats.  Trying to get home tonite!  Love, Mary & Bill.
Arr. Home 8:30 PM

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