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July 9, 1988-99 Ohio Northern School of Missions

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Teaching Sunday School, Ezekiel 10.  We went to Frisch's for lunch, 30 minute wait for a table for 7 of us. Jean and I went for a 10 mile bike ride, near Fallsville and back.  Roberta called us.

Monday 1990 - [to Ada OH] We leave for week of Mission Study at Ohio Northern.  MV is leading the music.  Room 5 of Roberts Hall, $120 for each of us.  Jean having the course on the Media and I took Central America with David Sagester as the leader. 

Tuesday 1991 - [to Ada OH] Left for Ohio Northern School of Missions, same room.  We had Japan/changing values + Book of John (Grayson Atha).  We all ate too much.  My instructor was Darlene Stark from Cardington OH.  She had just gotten back from Japan.

Friday 1993 - Three new theaters in Wilmington, next to the present two, all same lobby.  Our Honda turning 60,000 miles.

Saturday 1994 - [Colorado Springs CO to home] Took Serena to airport at 10am, then we went to National History Museum, saw the IMAX film on sharks.  Also an interesting exhibit on the "Hall of Life."  Had a picnic lunch on the grass in the shade.  Used up the CO water we had left from the hotel.  Left Denver at 3:05 with an early supper on the flight.  Parking bill was $37.

Sunday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Have SS lesson, Job 2-3.  Honda turns 12,000 miles.  We met Serena, John, Julie and Kate at Wendy's at the Jeffersonville Mall.  Then went to "J" school playground, nice.  Hendersons having birthday party for Clara Sears today.  She is 40 (on 7/12). 

Tuesday 1996 - Went to Wilmington, Jean checked out Samuel Walker Restaurant for prospective Mother's Club meeting on 12/1/96.  Picked our first green beans.

Thursday 1998 - [Cincinnati OH to home] Made a stop at new Meijer store in Milford, beautiful strawberries.  Picked 2 new tomatoes out of our garden.  Got news that Les Reynolds has passed away.

Friday 1999 - [Dallas TX with Serena] Walked up Oak Lawn Avenue and got some milk, etc. for breakfast.  Went to Old City Park Museum [Dallas Heritage Village], interesting old buildings especially the old log cabin [Miller Log House, 1847] and the new house [Millermore, 1855-1862] 15 years later.

Had lunch here [Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, this entry written on their stationary].  I had two Texas Crabcakes and small Cobb Salad with a pastry bowl, $22.  Iced tea was $2.50.  Serena does get her $ worth.  Tortilla soup is $10 – big bowl.  We were there 1½ hours.  Went for a swim, then about 4:00 drove down to [Rosewood] Crescent Hotel and looked around. 

Then to Kennedy Memorial, drove through Dey Ell... area, Fair Park [site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition]. Had supper at Celebrations, 4503 W Lovers Lane (west of Dallas North Fwy). Vegetables served family style and four kinds of bread.

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