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July 31, 1989-99 Busy Traveling

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [to Kauai, Hawaii]  Left NV about 7:15, made a business visit to A.I.D. to pick up a check.  Had plenty of time to make our American Airlines flight to Chicago, airport parking is $2.75/day for the first week, then $1.75/day.  Our DC-10 non-stop to Honolulu was virtually full, had lunch about 3pm (Ohio time) then they started the movie when we got over the ocean.  At Honolulu we took the shuttle bus to the InterIsland terminal for Kauai, three nights at the Plantation Hale with rental car for $95/day, had three-room apartment.  AAA had originally booked us into the Coconut Beech hotel and with car would have been $150/day.  We were both sleepy with the six hour time change, we walked over to Foodland Food Market and bought $21 in groceries, bananas 89¢/lb.

Tuesday 1990 - Have SS phone appointment ['89 actually], getting bricks at Wells pointed up ['91 mortar replaced].

Wednesday 1991 - [Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] We drove around on our own, had breakfast at the Premium place, made reservations to go to the Cabin Night program, like a salmon bake but served with entertainment, $22 each.

Friday 1992 - We went to Murphin Ridge for supper, had Vegetarian Delight for $8.95.  Desserts are $8.50.  Brought back the two new chairs.  John and Julie arrived with pictures of their scrapbook that John had made.  GHU was wide awake today. 

Saturday 1993 - [Eugene to Jacksonville OR] Had breakfast at the Valley River Inn (4*), very scenic along the Willamette River.  Had reservations at the Jacksonville Inn in Jacksonville.  Took the trolley bus ride  around the "city."  In the evening we went to the Britt Festival, outdoor seating, $16 each.  For $2 less could sit on blankets in the back.

Monday 1995 - Jo Williams is 85, she showed me this ledge book of 1820 that someone had pasted poems over the ledger sheets.

Wednesday 1996 - [Wetaskiwin to Calgary, Alberta Canada] Went to the Dinosaur [Royal Tyrrell] Museum, then on to Calgary at the Crowhead Inn.  Ate supper at Cannery Row.  Walked over to the Palliser Hotel

Thursday 1997 -  Went to Main Medical, $47 office call for class 3 (?), my part was $7.  The Doan Trial is still on.  [Blanchester kidnapping/murder case]  New Vienna has new curb and sidewalk on the east side of S.R. 73 on the south side of town.  Feeling better [sick yesterday] though I haven't taken any of the pills.  Dug onions out of garden, had our first cabbage and yellow squash today.

Friday 1998 -  [Ashland OH to Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada]  Motel [AmeriHost] had continental breakfast, then to Specialty Advertising with next stop at Pennsylvania Welcome Station.  Lunch – picnic – at Angola NY rest stop.  No picnic facilities so used rock in parking lot as a table.  A mile back-up at NY toll booth, took long route to get to Jenny's ice cream place mentioned in Mobil tour book.  Finally got gas at 103.9¢, 12 gallons for 444 miles.  Pretty drive to Niagara-on-the Lake.  Bike path (bike rentals $7 for first hour, $3/hour for each additional hour or $22/day.)  In Room 2250 at the Prince of Wales Hotel, opened in 1864.  Had dinner reservations at 5:30, we were there for two hours.  Jean had salmon in a pastry pocket and I had a 10oz steak with mashed potatoes in a tall pastry shell.  Jean had a big piece of chocolate cake and each of our tea pots held 3 cups.  Went to Play "You Can't Take it With You" at Festival Theater Auditorium, seats in row "O."  This, supper, breakfast and Fort George are all part of the package plan.  The play was funny.  Gal told me they have 84% sell out for the three theaters.

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