Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 1987-99 Iowa Bike Trip

Dad's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [to Iowa for bike trip] Had alarm set for 4:45, breakfast of melon and rice pudding.  Left home at 5:40, got to Dayton airport at 7am.  Took pictures at Dayton Airport Inn.  [Airline] wanted to charge $35 for the bike but talked them out of charge.  One-way fare to Omaha via Twin Cities was $119.  Newspaper 35¢ at airport dispenser, NYT 75¢.  Jean had fixed me a nice lunch.  Roberta arrived about an hour later.  The bike club picked us up at the airport and left for Onawa at 3pm.  Finally got to KOA where Sid was staying with the 5th wheel.  We took our bags to the camp area for they were to be there by 7.  We didn't have supper until 11pm, stir-fried meat and vegetables.  I slept on the kitchen table.

Tuesday 1989 - Trimmed trees around Thompson garage. 

Thursday 1991 - We biked out 28 and back in on Bernard Rd at 6pm.  Don Bernard called us and asked if we were ready for bed.

Saturday 1992 - [Key West, Florida to home]  Flew home from Key West via Tampa after a morning swim and lunch at the restaurant with the Ramada.  SLOW traffic into Cincinnati because of the Reds game.  This trip used up last of our Delta tickets, 8 tickets costs $720.

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta and Ginny visiting]

Monday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] 

Tuesday 1995 - We went to Hillsboro to Court House, saw Henry and brief visit to library.  Annie brought over China dinner, $2.50.

Thursday 1996 - Went square dancing, large crowd.  Tried to do the 706 on the computer, but our printer won't make lines all the way down on the sheet.  Jean worked at Senior Citizens.  Had meat loaf, baked beans, potato salad and canned [or carmel] tapioca.

Saturday 1998 - Went to Wilmington, got ink cartridge for computer printer.  Had supper at Bob Evans.  Jayne Hatch was waitress.  Looked at refrigerators at Lowe's.  Got tickets for tonights performance of "Follies" at Boyd Auditorium.  Sat next to the Tim Hughes's.  Also the Don Bernards were in same row.  They had friends from Mt. Pleasant Retirement Home, t-shirts, $8 each.

Sunday 1999 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Auburn IN] Left Ada vis Bluffton OH, saw the college there.  On to Milford [Medford?] IN, where we took Jim and Margaret Marshall out to dinner at a Chinese place.   Had thought about going to the H..... Place but only Th.... Dinners are $14.95 and the Marshalls are very conservative.  Got to Cris and Angela's about 9pm.  They wondered what had happened to us, though we had told them after supper.  They had made home made ice cream.  Cris was celebrating his big crop of raspberries.

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