Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 1988-99 King's Island with Wendy

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena] Had lunch at Central Grocery, a muffuletta – not bad.

Wednesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Went to King's Island with Wendy and Kristen Culbreath.  General admission is $18.95, but GG had given us tickets to get in for $12.95, seniors are $10.95.  The music at all the shows is so loud.  Heavy rain came up about 7pm.  The girls go wild about the rides.

Thursday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Friday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home] Met Serena at Piqua Public Library, got pictures taken at AAA ($10.60) for USSR trip.  Got home about 6pm, MV was there.  She goes on to Columbus airport to fly to Minneapolis for St. Olaf Music Training.  Picked 3 nice tomatoes out of the garden.  Honda turns 20,000 miles.

Monday 1993 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] We are in Room 204 of Clark Hall, about 320 women and 30 men, costs $140.  Topics are Global Economics, the Caribbean, and the book of Matthew.

Wednesday 1995 - [to KY and back home] Left about 10:15 for CVC airport as Mary was flying to Albuquerque to see Joe.  We met the Crowsons at McDonald's at Dry Ridge KY where they got Ginny [who had been visiting].  Stopped at the Federal Building to file Kenneth Johnson's 706 return.  Then to Lebanon P.L. and supper at Der Dutchman in Waynesville.  Entrees $6.95.  Side trip to see where Katie Shepperd lives.  Bob and Carl's having special on milk, 99¢/gallon.

Friday 1996 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Stopped in Dayton to file Wilson 's Estimated Tax, Mary is going with us as far as Van Wert, where Angela is to meet us.  Beautiful Library.  We're in Room #1 of Roberts Hall.  Oh yes, had lunch at Taco Bell, Mary's first time.  Dorothy I.... [Innskeep?] was with us.  President [DeBow] Freed [now President of University of Findlay since 2003] still giving that welcome with his wife, he has been President since 1979.

Saturday 1997 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Went to Freed Center in evening for Jesus Christ Superstar, seniors $9.

Sunday 1998 - [Helen Kuntzman visiting] Had SS lesson on 1 Peter 13.  Jean had big dinner for Helen K., son Tom (he is 42 and has two boys, 2 and 3).  Helen's 59th HS reunion.

Monday 1999 - [Jackson TN to home after reunion in Santa Fe]

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