Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 1987-99 MV sings, brings tears

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Osage to West Union ~72 miles] Got away at 6am, light rain.  First stop was Elma.  Little Turkey had a band, straw to sit on.  St. Lucas was another good stop.  Roberta bought a ½ cantaloupe with blueberries.  Reached West Union about 3pm.  We try to follow signs to "Team Wonder" who handle our luggage.  Have seen many "cute" signs, i.e. "Cash and Carry prices", plenty of free parking, rest room next 7 acres, toilet paper on fence posts with ← women and → men.  The family last night had sign out front welcoming us.  Watermelon on [Fayette County] Court House ⃞.

Tuesday 1990 - Rode our bikes out to Paul and Betty Terrells.  He hasn't walked in three years.  Mother has some of the same help that he has, Joyce and Sadie.  Recall or trip to NYC with the Terrells in 1957 (?). 

Wednesday 1991 - [Homer to Valdez Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard]  Visited Kenai Princess Lodge in Cooper Landing, then got in line for RR trip from Portage to Whittier.  Drove up a ramp onto rail car where we sit, two long tunnels, we had picnic lunch in car.  Whittier has one 14 story building.  Ferry left at 3pm and we arrived in Valdez at 10pm.  [Oil spill was in March, 1989]  Great view of Columbia Glacier, some ice floating around.  [We were] on M.S. Bartlett, 236 people, had supper in boat restaurant.  Car cost was $70, and for the four of us $224.

Friday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Indiana] Left ONU with stop in Defiance to see Kay Dirk [?] Romero (the atty who was in NV), she got married again 6/92.  We have been eating too much at ONU.  Stayed near Cris and Angela at a B&B, $47.25.  Ate at Cap Jorrell, a 4-star place in Fort Wayne, $14.95 each.  [Can't find anything like that there now.]

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] Took Ginny to the Cracker Barrel at Exit 182 (just south of I-275) to meet MV and Sue (her travel companion) who were coming back from St. Olaf.  Then to downtown Cincinnati, what a crowd, thought we were in Africa, the annual jazz festival was on.  Met the Sankers, ate at Chinese Imperial Inn at 11042 Reading Road, $30 for the four of us.  [Maybe Roberta has left by now??]  Sankers had just gotten back from a seven day Alaskan cruise, as a stand-by through United Airlines.

Sunday 1994 - MV sang at church, as George Gano said her singing brings tears to our eyes.

Monday 1995 - Jean had meeting with Twig at CMH, then to Cincinnati to Mary (MUH), back from Phoenix.  Ate at Boston Chicken.  New Joseph Beth bookstore near Montgomery Road and Kemper where Card Factory is also, all cards 39¢. 

Friday 1998 - [at Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna Ky] Lewis and Joanne Rickitts from Lexington, KY in charge, the kids silk screened their new t-shirts.  They sure enjoy the nice pool.  Campfire at 8:30.

Saturday 1999 - Got haircut at Greg's, $7.  He and his new bride Terri Wolfe went to Hilton Hawaii Village for a belated honeymoon.  Jeanne and Bill [Wolfe] also went with them.  Gene Williams here to work on our bathroom light.  Still up in the 90°s in the daytime and dry.  Roberta and four others start RAGBRAI.  Putting up curtains in Living Room after having new linings.

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