Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 1989-99 Shower for Ginny in Wilmington

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1990 - After SS (only 36 there) and Church we went to Ponderosa.  Bought NY Times for $3.  We are staying with Mother tonight.  She has some tender spots on her "bottom" from sitting too much.

Monday 1991 - [Fairbanks to Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Got away at 10, Jan [Underhill in whose house they were staying] is quite a talker.  Back downtown, Jean bought shirt at FWW [Woolworth's], they had postcards 8/$.  To Pump House for lunch, sat on veranda near the water.  Then to musk oil farm.  Great road rise going south.  Nice gift shop near Mile 80.  Got to Denali about 8pm, room 408 at the Crow's Nest, great view, small but nice room.  Ice cream at the Park Hotel, $1.75.

Wednesday 1992 - Crowsons arrived.  Shower at Colleen G... for Ginny on West Main next door to Dr. Hales in Wilmington.  Serena also here, she talks of moving to another apartment in August.  More rain, what a wet month.

Thursday 1993 - [Vancouver WA] We went with the Morgans up the Columbia River Gorge, the falls and the dam.  Lunch in Portland then to Powell's bookstore.

Friday 1994 - [Zanesville OH to home] Drove to Dresden, visited the museum, world's largest basket across the street.  A huge factory area and new building in a new area.  Pat told us she hopes to have her knee operation this fall.  Had lunch at Victorian place in Granville.  Bill about the same.  Putting up new curtains in kitchen.

Saturday 1995 - Lavell Cowman's [?] auction, house brought $39,000.  Then to Otterbein Home, no line at all.  Mary [MUH] enjoyed the barbershop quartet.   Chuck Dilgard was our tour guide on the bus there.  Saw Mrs. Finch and Marie Broomhall, she is grisly.  The Stephens in the lobby.  Bought floor lamp and travel rack at the Cellar.  Car wouldn't start, dead battery.

Monday 1996 - [Jasper to Edmonton, Alberta Canada] Got to Edmonton about 11:30 and ate at Side Track downtown.  we walked through McD..... Hotel, great river view around capitol building, surprised to see kids using water pools.  Then to Ft. Edmonton.  Into three time zones today.  At B&B, $70 for the three of us.  Went to "E" mall, ate on Bourbon St.  Beautiful beach area with waves.

Thursday 1999 - Met the Goodings at Otterbein Home for fish fry at 11:30, $5 pre-purchased or $6 at door.  Kettering band played.  Had quite a talkative lady on first floor in Marble Hall.  Saw museum on 3rd floor.  Bob G. never for lack of words.  At 4:30 had pie and ice cream, where Jean ran into Helen Lehmann, who with her husband had moved to Willow St. 3+ years ago from Batavia and seems to like it real well.  Talked with Wayne Wills [?], he is 88.  Got 3 hamburgers at White Castle take-out for $1.23 (big deal).

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