Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 1987-99 Ginghamsburg

Dad's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Onawa to Denison ~50 miles] Each of the overnight towns have souvenir newspapers.  The Denison Library to be open today 2-5.  Got started at 9am.  Really only made two stops, roadside fruit stand run by a guy working his way through college and lunch at the Ute UMC at 2pm.  Denison is really hilly.  First hill we had to walk.  Had trouble finding our luggage.  Our hosts had BIG burgers and fresh fruit.  [Michael] Dukakis crew [Dukakis was a Democratic presidential nominee in 1988] had free ice tea on the [Crawford County] Court House Square.  Plenty of entertainment and food.  Ate at the Masonic Hall.  Oldest person (on the trip) is 87.  Some people with small kids have bike trailers.

Wednesday 1989 - Went with the Harners to Hillsboro to visit Dr. N. J. Bodenhaven (?), on the east edge of Hillsboro on 124.  Quite an old house, was the center of US population in 1870.  He used to be an M.D. in NYC.  He recalled Douglas Pickens.  Had supper at Ponderosa, baked fish $5.49,  then to Quaker Meeting, the Wilmington yearly meeting. 

Thursday 1990 - Took some "Club" books for Barbara Moore out to Fannie's house.  She sits on the porch and watches the sun go down, just to the right of Faris's house.  Went to Stacy's for lunch.  Arnold Appel was there.  Lunch $4.50.

Friday 1991 - [to Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard]  Up at 2:45, slept poorly, turned out I had turned the alarm off.  On the plane at 6am via Atlanta and Seattle, arrived at 2pm.  Had Dollar Rental Car for $155/week.  Staying at a B&B on O Street, $55/night.  Supper at Cyrano's [Bookstore]

Monday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting]

Tuesday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Went down to see B. Streber on business, then we went wading, Ginny preferred the swings and we had a picnic at North Beach.  Gas 112.9¢.  Serena surprise us by being here when we got home.  Elderhostel International catalog came.  The [Cincinnati Bengals] football team starts practice today at Wilmington College.  [Bengals moved their training camp to Georgetown in 1997 after 29 seasons at W.C.]  At Rocky Fork the 14' Lund Boat for four people is $55/day or $33 for 3 hours.  Non weekend is $50 and $30.

Sunday 1998 - We met John, Julie and Kate at Terrace Lounge in WCH, buffet $6.95, closed at 2pm.  John and Julie are talking of adoption.

Monday 1999 - [Auburn IN to home] Big tour of Cris's "Auburn Gear,", CNC plans a machine shop at ~1900 Wayne Street [is this where Cris is now?].  Way over our heads.  Hope he makes it.  Got charger for cell phone in Lima.  Ate at Tudors, it was OK.  Stopped at Ginghamsburg UMC, opened in 1994, what a big active place.  Services on Saturday at 5:30 and 7 and three on Sunday: 9, 10:15 and 11:30, staff of 80.

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