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July 2, 1989-99 Serena's new job & Two Reunions

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Met MV at Wilmington Ponderosa, Rib Eye Special $4.99.  MV left for Emmaus walk preparation.  Cris, Angela, Laura and Wil here overnight.  They had trouble with their reservations last night in NC.  Watched a VCR tape that Roberta took in Lake Worth last March.  MV sang us some songs.  Wendy and Laura really got along well.  Cris thinks they have a bargain in furnished 2BR apartment at $1500/month.

Monday 1990 -  Serena starts new jobs at Greenville Public Library.

Tuesday 1991 - Jean and Jo Harner went to WCH to get rolls at Atkins for BBQ.  A rain finally brought cooler weather. 

Friday 1993 - [Branson to St. Louis MO.  From Itinerary: Breakfast at Mel's Restaurant, Departure at 8:30.  Dinner at the hotel, Holiday Inn, Airport West.]

Saturday 1994 - [Denver Colorado to Family Reunion in Estes Park with Aunt Mary, Crowsons, Serena] Drove by Molly Brown's [survivor of the Titanic] old residence.  Ate at Furr's Cafeteria in Boulder.  [Took a] tour of Celestial Tea.   On to the Y in Estes Park.  We are in Alpine Hall, part of the family in Two Sisters.  A beautiful place.  Meals are included.

Sunday 1995 - [to Somerset KY] Ray King new pastor, the start of a journey.  Drove to Somerset to see the Crowsons.

Wednesday 1997 - Mike Bartell is new pastor.  What a storm, the pear tree from the parsonage fell over our fence.  We lost an apple tree on both sides of the road.  The roof of the antique mall landed up in the bank's parking lot.

Friday 1999 - [Family Reunion in Glorieta NM]

[Credit Card statement from 6/26/99 to7/21/99 included on this page.]

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