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July 23, 1989-99 MV preaches

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Forest City via Joice to Osage ~54 miles] On the 8am tour of Winnebago, 37' is their best seller.  Saw "Cris" making "pan" cakes, have a real dispenser that "drops" 48 at a time.  We got going about 10am, virtually by ourselves.  Blan [?] is place that made news, their parade stood still and people walked around it.   [Only "stand still" parade I can find on the internet is in Whalan MN]  Sign says "population 5", actually at Joice we ate, being on the tail end we got reduced prices.  At St. Ansgar we caught up with the drinkers.  Kids were making a fortune picking up cans at 5¢ each, we picked a few ourselves.  Reached Osage at 5:30, John and Cassie really took us in.  They have 7 children, have been married 42 years.  Ate at UMC, Art was our guest, he was the one who had tandem with skeleton on the back, i.e. anti-tobacco industry.  The church had potato bar, choice of two toppings, salad bar and dessert bar.  We bought little at the "flea market".  Had a very nice room and felt good to be under roof during the storm. 

Sunday 1989 -  MV had the "sermon" at Villars Chapel, met her at Ponderosa.  The Hortons left this AM for Mich [Michigan?]  Our church had an outdoor baptism at Caesar Creek Nature Preserve near Waynesville and what a downpour of rain.

Monday 1990 - Working on 5500 report

Tuesday 1991 - [Soldotna to Homer Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] En route to Homer visited Russian church.  Berry place there, got two pictures at an art studio, then Chows [in Homer] for lunch.  Went to Ice Circle Fish Place and ordered fish to be sent via Federal Express.  Supper at the Bakery, split dessert four ways.  Saw them unloading fish from a large boat and the assembly line on cleaning the fish.  The fisherman really line the shores and they all pull in the big ones.  Fellow at gas station told us twice where to get self service gas.

Thursday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Friday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] Picked big bucket of beans.

Saturday 1994 - Bill complains of being hungry but can't get food down.  Got new triangular saw at Walmart.  Got carry-out food at new Chinese Restaurant near Walmart.

Sunday 1995 - A quiet Sunday pm at home, cleaned out the files on hotels and restaurants where we have stayed.

Tuesday 1996 - Painted "valleys" on our roof and play house roof.  Finishing up new pavement on 73 from Snow Hill to 3C Hwy.  Dean Bernard's funeral (55)

Thursday 1998 - [Somerset KY to Ravenna Ky]  About 10 left for Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna.  The stone masons came from Ravenna, Italy that built the iron furnace in 1869, said to be biggest in US.  Sack lunch for supper.  Nice accommodations.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1998 was "Grand Camp" at Aldersgate UMC camp--they took Ginny (obviously). Ginny LOVED IT!

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