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July 6, 1989-99 John & Julie return from London

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Jean went to M.D. because of her poison ivy.

Saturday 1991 - Ev Johnson SS Class had rummage sale, we cleaned house, back porch and garage.  Mother was wide awake today.

Monday 1992 - [Kentucky to home] Washed windows at the Crowsons, left about 2pm and Met John and Julie at the Cincinnati airport at 5:10, just back from London and then a commuter plane to Columbus.  A stop at Sankers, they are still talking of going to Alaska.  We each got a cone at Graters, $2.45.

Wednesday 1994 - [Family Reunion in Estes Park CO] Nice craft workshop, JBU made a tie-dyed night shirt and I made a belt, stamp out the designs and then put the color on, the blue did not take too well.  Mares was telling us that she will be a Grandmother in November, though they [Robert and Jody] are not married yet – what a handicap.

Thursday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Mary [MUH] coughing up stuff, going to see the Dr.

Saturday 1996 - [Louisville to Bardstown KY] Used the luggage cart again, that ice box is heavy.  Had the complimentary breakfast, now at Best Western in Bardstown.  Visited Old Talbott Tavern, got haircut, $9 and ice cream at local drug store.  Went on back stage tour of Stephen Foster Story.  Had peanut butter sandwiches in our room after a swim.  8:30 was the musical, $12 each.  Did see The Farmington House also. 

Sunday 1997 - 79 at Church.  Mike comes across well.  Had lunch at Frisch's, then to the movie "Out to Sea" all the con people trying to find someone rush.  [Description says Herb and Charlie (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau) are hired by a cruise ship to dance with widowed women.]  Afterwards talked to Judy and C.W. Hales, said he doesn't like retirement. 

Tuesday 1999 -  [Family Reunion in Glorieta NM]

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