Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 1987-99 Christian pushes himself

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [end of RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: West Union to Guttenberg ~47 miles] Slept in basement in sleeping bag.  This couple married in June [or January].  For breakfast they had eggs, ham and beverage.  Roberta went to Sid's School Reunion, was back at 9am.  The Des Moines Register was sold out.  We ate at place sponsored by the Democrats, then when they saw us in Guttenberg said "We have seen you before, you look better now."  Had supper at a restaurant overlooking the river.  The Moritz's took us to friends for a swim.

Tuesday 1989 - We went to Wilmington, witnessed Mrs. Fenwick's will.  Met at the library, supper at Wendy's, Tuesdays special, Super salad bar for $3.89 less a $. 

Thursday 1991 - [Valdez Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard]  Beautiful B&B, phone and TV in room, jacuzzi in the bathroom, also "night shades".  Great breakfast of juice, cereal, heavy sweet roll, fresh fruit and a big choice of beverages.  GG had message to call.  Don made reservations for oil line terminal tour.  Went to look for boat that Ted West works on, a large number of boats, and all the nets.  Visited fish processing plant.  Asked fellow at gas station twice about where a self service station was.  Had lunch at Pizza Parlor.

Saturday 1992 - [Auburn Indiana to home] Left Auburn with lunch at Palmer House in Berne IN.  They were having Swiss Days there.  Bought a baby coat, hangers, and measuring stick things for Ginny.  Had supper at Der Sch.... in Waynesville, what a huge place, one year old.

Monday 1994 - Item in Lions magazine: 1,417,352 members in 42,071 clubs.  [Lions Club International website, now lists 1.35+ million members in 45,000 clubs.]   Bill is difficult to handle.  More rain

Tuesday 1995 - Mary [MUH] having trouble getting back on schedule.  She has plans for Joe's new house.  Using some of the fig bars and raisins that Roberta sent.  Bob Carey raving about Charm Countryview Inn in Charm, Ohio. 

Thursday 1996 - [to Kalispell MT] Flew to Kalispell, what a crowd.  Had lunch at old hotel, visited mansion. 

Friday 1997 - [to Rhode Island?]  Lions Club: 1,430,305 members; 43,509 clubs.  Walter Schull born on Cleveland's east side near Hough Ave. and Crawford Road on 7/25/17. 

Saturday 1998 - [at Aldersgate UMC camp near Ravenna Ky to Somerset KY] Left camp at 10am, spent some time at Irvine Public Library.  Lunch at Food Court in Mall at Richmond.  Ginny's eyes are bigger than her appetite.  Staying at Somerset Motel.  Ginny was in the water for two hours.  Supper at Rockin Robin.  Christian seems very angelic and heavy.  He loves to push himself around the house in his walker.  Gas 86.9¢. 

Sunday 1999 - Nancy Walker and her three children at Church.   SS picnic at Denver Park in Wilmington.  Judy Henderson Croghan had some gals dressed up with tin cars, etc.  Martinsville had a skit on Noah's Ark.  First Day of RAGBRAI.  Roberta got along fine.  [July 25-31, 2010 – RAGBRAI XXXVIII ]

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