Thursday, July 26, 2007

walking the golf course

Not this very moment, but we just got back and while out this gentleman rode by with his cute dog, and I said "Max" and sure enough it was the Max that you have been helping Serena. He was quite surprised......too! Then we had another golf cart go by us and he had a big OHIO STATE flag, or rather a small one but it seemed big.......and sure enough he knew New Vienna! He used to go to Wilmington a lot on business. I am most curious to see your new camera Serena. In the meantime I am happy to see pictures of it. How do I scan a picture into my computer?

night. Might that make a statement? More later, I have to be up and going at 6 something Next topic, food.....we had an unusual dish tonight, started out to be beans and rice, then added the famous Costco chicken to it, then some left over vegetables, and what all and it turned out to be good. I am glad of that since we have plenty left, Sid mentioned about eating out tomorrow. This opening up is getting to me. TGIF....almost!

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