Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kings are Off!

Kings left this morning about 20 minutes ago (4:30 am or so). Traffic should be light anyway.

I hope that Catherine is feeling better today, probably just as well that Roberta is driving to the airport -with leaving so early this morning and getting back so late on Monday evening - something like 10:30 pm (assuming the plane is on-time).

MV - I actually found the router installation pretty easy. A friend recommended Linksys - so I bought the cheapest one at Wal-Mart (about $50). The wired part I did in about 20 minutes by following the CD. Then a few days later, went to the Linksys site and they had very easy instructions to follow, maybe fifteen more minutes. Would be nice if I could get a job installing wireless soon at somebody else's house . . . like anything else, the more often you do something (especially if done fairly close together), the easier it gets. I did try to find on the Cox website how much they charge for router installation, but couldn't find it (the link led me to a 404 page), but I'm pretty sure that the last time I checked it was around $150 plus with the equipment they install there is no warranty whatsoever.

Oh, by the way, a bit late for your latest computer problem MV, but I have found that whenever you have trouble with a peripheral, go to the maker's website and install the latest driver. It never hurts and it quite often helps - plus it cheap and easy. (I've found that particularly true with printers, corrupted driver is often the cause of problems.) Plus the makers' websites often have useful troubleshooting help. Although if person has a dial-up connection, a download can take literally hours that take me a matter of a couple of minutes with a cable connection. The AL house has the slower of the high-speed cable connections and I can't tell much difference at all.

I haven't yet tried to connect the 7 year old (or so) Apple yet. I'm thinking I might try using it as a kitchen computer. I could use it for recipes, etc.

I did try the wireless connection - and it seems to work in the furthest corner of the back porch, the farthest reaches of the two bedrooms, etc. I still need to fix up the remaining wires, etc. The wiring was somewhat of a mess yesterday afternoon - two of the three computers, router, printer, modem, cable, plus a computer "toy" I'm playing with for a client. The toy allows one to make all kinds of videos, etc. on one's computer and has about 4 wires for various connections. When I was leaving I just pulled out the wires I needed to take with me, which helped a lot. However, I think I'll move a number of things around, the only thing that HAS to stay in that one part of the house is the wire running to the bedroom for cable - there's no cable outlet in there. I need to get somewhere to get one of those sofits (I'm not sure that is the right word) to cover the remaining wire that runs across the kitchen/laundry/hall doorway that would cover the wire to protect it and whoever crosses the transom.

I am finishing up with camera instructions for client. It was fun enough that now I'm thinking about actually buying a digital camera. I've been looking around - certainly will be on the low end. I'm not interested in all those photo features available, I'd like something small and cheap.

The TV weatherman just said it is now 95 degrees.

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