Sunday, July 08, 2007

Front of the House

This is part of the side of the house that actually faces Alta Loma. The other side of the window is the room where I sleep. There is some sort of window screen that is very dense when the sun shines in to keep the sun from bleaching/heating everything - although the white plantation shutters are also closed to further prevent the heat from coming through. To the left of this shot (from this POV) is the garage door. To the right, you can see one of the two classy plastic chairs in a little alcove. The little metal thing right in front of the chair is the water shut-off. In the winter there is a big ceramic dish/holder for the water hose to wind in. I moved the front and back water hoses and dishes to the garage to keep them from being damaged by the weather.

The plant in the window is the surviving one from Roberta's party. They were each $.66 at Fry's/Krogers. In this weather that plant gets watered at least every day. Haven't decided what I'll do about it while I'm at Kings - may bike back and forth every day. I thought about sticking plant in garage, but the garage gets pretty hot in the day time, so would probably be best to drag it at least as far as the laundry room - the first room inside from the garage.
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