Sunday, July 08, 2007


Above are the four bicycles that are currently at Alta Loma - the one next to the wall is my workhorse bicycle - Sharon gave it to me. It does have a few problems - the right shift (the one that makes the most difference has come unplugged (probably not the right word) so going up a hill of any size at all is a chore. It is an off-road bike - chunky wheels, heavy bike, but it is very sturdy. The bicycle bag on the front handlebars was about $12.00 at Target.

The second bike in is the one that Dad got free with the house - it doesn't work well and I have ridden it about a half a block. That was far enough.

The third bike seems to have possibilities - I've tested it a bit - maybe a block. The tires seem to hold air and the gears seem to shift. I got the bike, including the basket for $15.00 at the SCW thrift store. It is much heavier than Roberta's, but a little lighter than my workhorse bike.

The fourth bike is Roberta's REAL bike - it is by far the best, easiest, lightest, fastest, etc. of the bikes, but I don't like to ride it much as I don't like to leave it anywhere for fear it will get stolen.

I'm going computer shopping this afternoon with a client, so need to be a bit more research . . .
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Catherine said...

Serena, you seem to have mastered the camera! Does your client also want you to teach them how to use the picture printer? I had trouble the first half dozen times I used ours until I had done it enough times to correctly remember all the steps.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I agree that Serena definitely has the hang of the digital camera. I'm curious what kind it is?

Serena said...

It is a Bell+Howell. I'm fairly sure a relatively inexpensive one. It easily fits in my palm, pocket, fanny pack, etc. It does take some quite nice photos. On the minus side, the instruction booklet is really, really terrible. Also, the camera is so small that it is not all that easy for me to see and manipulate, let alone the 88ish year old man who owns it.

Although it does make for work for me.

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