Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday off

Greetings from Glendale! Life goes on here despite my non-posting. Today was my day off so we went shopping for new dishware to replace our 30 year-old corelle and bedroom slippers. Didn't find either that we wanted so at least had lunch out at Zang's in downtown Glendale. Some of you have eaten there with us before. Serena, we haven't forgotten about Persian Gardens. Are we thinking of next Friday now?


Roberta said... are you in your back? How old are your bedroom slippers??? SCW has lots of deals in already broken in sets of dishes. We would be glad to look for you. Bedroom slippers too!

Catherine said...

Roberta, I heard you called. Glad to hear that Pat O has been going to Chez Nous. I need to call her. I'm feeling better but still have a ways to go to complete recovery. Assuming I'll be totally recovered in 100 days then I'm currently at the 19% level. I found bedroom slippers at Burlington Coat Factory for me but now we're looking for some for Gerry. We already have plenty of used dish ware, but thanks anyway!

Serena said...

Catherine, glad to hear you're feeling better!

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine...your sense of humor at being 19% recovered---THAT IS HHU all over! Seriously, hope you're much more than 19% by now. Sorry to miss you when we called the other day.

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