Saturday, July 07, 2007

Computer - photo card slot and the 99 cent only store

Roberta - the slot for the photo card on MY computer is on the right side (when it is sitting on my lap with me looking at the screen), right before the USB slots, directly below the microphone slot. (In the background is the desk with several of my current projects arrayed in various stages.) I notice the date changed, although to July 4 at 11:54 . . . odd. Anyway, easy enough to change, one of the things I'm going to put in the manual.

The card is only 256 MB which seems pretty small. I think one of my first suggestions will be that he buy a bigger card and then use the 256 as a backup when the bigger one runs out of space. (He plans to take the camera with him on several upcoming trips.)

Roberta gave me two AAA batteries yesterday and I bought 4 at the 99 cent only store yesterday. So, I'm planning on taking a number of photos.

At the 99 cent only store woman ahead of me in line spotted a plant (a very nice looking jade). She asked the clerk how much it was. Ummm at the 99 cent only store. . . and it was NOT Roberta.

By the way Wendy Jean, there's a link on the 99 cent only store site for 99 cent weddings!
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