Saturday, July 28, 2007

After a stop at the SCW thrift store

I picked up a few things a the SCW thrift store and then had to figure out a way to get them back home. I bought one of those clothes valets that Dad has wanted for out here - it hangs from the wall - that I buckled to my backpack. I also bought one of those teeny tiny backpacks which I may try using for new camera. Oven pan that has places for eight very small loaves of bread. Also bought five plastic kitchen utensils and one of those little things to hang over the door to hang stuff from. Two additional purchases I considered - a really great looking bicycle (Peugeot) that is actually my size with comfortable seat and flat tires for $25.00 and a pair of very comfortable sandals that were just a bit too wide and bit too long for $7.00.

So I spent
$3.00 clothes valet
2.00 teeny, tiny backpack
2.00 bread pans
1.25 kitchen utensils
.25 door hangie thingie (yes, that is the technical name for it)

Oh, and you can't see my water bottle that hangs around my neck - I bought the container (for the bottle) with a strap a few months ago at the $.99 store - hot pink plastic.

I also biked to Sun City Grand to have breakfast at Dillon's although they were closed this morning - was there with a group in early May for breakfast and they were open but too busy to stay. There is a big difference in numbers of people around here in May and those in August. So I ended up at Jose somebody Cafe for breakfast at the community center - at least that is what I think it was. I had bread pudding and coffee. The coffee was delicious; the bread pudding was a nice size, very attractive (layered with cinnamon, I think) and good, but not great. The bread pudding was $1.25 and the coffee was, I think, $1.79.


Catherine said...

Impressive value buying, Serena! Are you going back to check out the bicycle? Sounds like that would be a better buy than the non-fitting shoes....

Serena said...

I'm thinking about going back with a tire pump. I do think if it runs pretty well it would be a great buy for me.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Very good shopping---which gave you more than justifies the nearly $2 cup of coffee!

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