Thursday, July 05, 2007

107 days

It last rained in Phoenix 107 days ago. I use recycled bath and sink water for plant watering.

I just got back in from watering plants out in the yard - the citrus trees, those two orange flowering plants and some various other plants. That planter that had four cacti in it . . . I consulted with Catherine last week and decided that perhaps I should not have been watering the planter at all as parts of the cacti were turning brown. Now two of the four plants are completely brown - and the remaining two aren't very green. I've started watering them again.

Today the temporary SCW library opens - the table tennis area in the Sports Pavilion. I've heard varying reports of when the newly expanded library will re-open - three months and end of year.

It is supposed to be about 115 degrees today. ROBERTA got some sunburn yesterday. I worked.

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Roberta said...

And I too have been doing my part to save water, have been drinking diet coke instead! We did get the wind tonight, but I did not see a spit of rain. Maybe I need to wash the car.......the last time it rained I had just done it!

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