Thursday, July 26, 2007

New camera

First photo on my new camera!

Well not really the first one . . . the first one was of my brunch which I seem to have "lost" somewhere - the photo, not the brunch. The second one was of the couch as I clicked the wrong button while I was messing around with the camera and the third one was of the computer screen, but a very small portion of it. So . . .


It just doesn't have the same ring does it?

I just wanted to take a quick photo . . . got an appointment this afternoon - just the other side of Stardust off of Echo Mesa/Heritage.

The LCD screen is small (about the size of my finger - down to the first knuckle . . . of my little finger). However, I think it will work fine for what I want. It is about the size of my cell phone, but thinner and taller.
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Roberta said...

looking for more pictures......the new Walmart was very busy last night.

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