Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wendy & KC Update

With 17 days until her due date of December 1, Wendy had her Dr. appointment yesterday and learned that the Dr. thinks KC may weigh about 8 pounds. Dr. says all is well and that Wendy may need to have labor induced if KC isn't born by December 8th. Meanwhile, Wendy continues to work and do the other zillion things needed to be done before such a big event! Next Dr. appointment is Monday, November 20.

Hoping for a weekend get together -- Sunday brunch? -- with Serena, Roberta & Sid. Location to be chosen by Ken whose birthday of November 24th we will be celebrating early.

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Roberta said...

Sunday brunch we would enjoy......I just need enough time to get back to SCW to change my clothes for a wedding at 4 pm at Desert Botancial Garden. Breakfast soon so more later......Best of midweeks to one and all! Roberta the commenter

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