Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm still playing around with Picasa to see how I like best to display, edit, etc. I think, at least for now, I've made a few more decisions. I had started uploading photos onto my computer at the default resolution, which is okay. However, I think that since I'm spending the time and computer memory I might as well do better and use a higher resolution in scanning them in - which takes longer and more memory, but the result is a better picture and it looks a little better on screen and much better in print. I thought about uploading into the web album at a higher resolution, but decided it was not worth the extra time/space - mainly the former. If one does download . . . the results are less than great. Like if MV downloads a photo from the album of Kate and Ginny from the album the picture would look pretty grainy (I guess is the word).

I guess my feeling is that the CDs are easy enough to produce and mail around and individual pictures to email . . . ? Anyone have any comments. I could upload into Picasa at a higher resolution, if people really think they would be downloading/printing from there. (Which I don't think will happen much.)

I don't know if posting here with a low resolution and a high resolution, one could tell or not. Plus Blogger has a limit of how big a picture one can post . . . may experiment later. I really noticed the difference when I went to send a photo to Catherine that had been uploaded to Picasa, then uploaded to the web album and then I emailed it to myself to see what it would look like. Not good.


Mom & Dad said...

Serena, sorry we do not have the capability in this area to make suggestions. We certainly appreciate your work here.

Peaches has gone to bed, she doesnot have the long term zip of yesterday years. The MD prescribed a new pill for her, called "Nexium" following her annual physical.

Love, Mom & Dad

serena said...

NB: This comment was actually written by Catherine who used her computer after Serena had been using it and who didn't bother to logoff.

Serena, I think you are correct in your assumptions. We appreciate your posting and organizing abilities! Good to spend more time with you the last few days!

Catherine said...

Can't find the comment I just posted about posting as
Serena so I'll repeat that the second comment is from me -- Catherine!

Roberta said...

This is Roberta checking to see if I am allowed to post.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Just catching up after the week of traveling, etc. I like to see the photos but as far as for my preference, I'd rather have them on CD. I don't mind to (and have the capacity, obviously) to burn copies and print on them what is on the CD. If I'm the only one, Serena can either burn a CD or I can download pictures from picasa to a CD. I am slowly working through old pictures to weed out the ones to keep and those I plan to scan and store on CD for backup anyway.

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