Thursday, November 30, 2006

Message from Roberta

Roberta called today to check on the cats and the house. The cats are doing fine, more or less over the trauma of having the carpeting cleaned yesterday. The house seems a lot cleaner due to same - the carpets being cleaned, not the traumatized cats.

Sid and Roberta are toward the end of their Mexican Rivera cruise. Their return is expected back in the US on Sunday morning and supper time in Phoenix.

Roberta said that "Sid has not missed a step or a dessert". She said that they have been visiting on land for the last few days and will be just cruising for the next couple of days. Also, it has been hot (90s) . . . I think it did make her feel better to hear that it has been relatively cold (30s in the evening an 50s in the day) here.

Sid's use of his walker has been helpful in more than just the usual physical way. It also gets them priority in seating, lines, etc.

They did attend the Crystal Cathedral (Schuller's church) this past Sunday. For those interested in seeing if you can spot them - they were sitting in about the seventh row, Sid was on the aisle (because of the walker). For those who need to know when the show is broadcast in their particular area, the website is Hour of Power.

Roberta did very first thing inquire about THE BIG NEWS . . . which I couldn't figure out what she was referring to. She was somewhat disappointed that Kenneth Charles Counts III (Wendy Jean Morgan's son) hasn't been born yet. She was happy to hear that the baby will be "out" by Monday. She didn't indicate she wanted to see the blood, guts, gore, slime and placenta in the delivery room.

Roberta said that she and Sid would have blogged and written more often if the "high speed connection" wasn't so slow. And she couldn't find the Uible blog due to a poor sense of direction, not an inability to spell. Or so I presume.

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