Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving with Counts/Jones Family

We were honored to be guests at Marsha Jones (Ken's Mom and Wendy's boss's boss) house yesterday for Thanksgiving. Gerry fixed squash, yams and salmon as our contribution. Of course there was turkey, which I managed to avoid, vegetarian stuffing as well as the regular kind, green beans with pearl onions & bacon -- I tried to get just the beans and onions and then pretended the bacon flavoring was soy -- rolls and dessert as well as a very cheesy potato dish which I also avoided. I did eat plenty of the fresh vegetable appetizer and the mixed nuts. As well as Wendy, Ken and Marsha, Ken's two sisters and his niece Katie was there, also Marsha's father, Tom, and her brother Jeff and girlfriend, Molly. After dinner we went outside for the first official lighting of the Christmas lights on Marsha's house which the guys had put up earlier in the day. Marsha said this was the first year she had put up lights because now that she will have two grandchildren at Christmas time, and the specialness of a new baby plus the magic of Christmas for four-year-old Katie, lights suddenly became more important. The house did look quite festive, especially the lighted reindeer that look like they are actually moving.

Speaking of new babies, Wendy ate Thanksgiving Dinner and then mentioned some gastric discomfort, making us wonder if the baby might arrive on Thanksgiving after all. However, she called me this morning on her way to work rather than on her way to the hospital. Monday is the next Dr. appointment.

Today we have been to the gym and will soon be heading off on a (local) bus journey to see the sights of Glendale/Phoenix while avoiding the malls and probably going out for a mid-afternoon meal. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all!

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