Friday, November 10, 2006

California Living/Visiting

Had a good time here in San Diego today with Dee & Jessica who remained in town while the boys of the younger generations went to Knotts Berry Farm today. The four of us toured the Marston House this afternoon, a 1905 Craftsman Home built by a prominent San Diego merchant adjacent to Balboa Park which he helped develop. Interesting house/tour, reminded us somewhat of the Frank Lloyd Wright house we toured last year in Springfield, IL. After the tour we had a mid-afternoon meal at a restaurant in the Little Italy section of San Diego, a couple blocks up from the waterfront between downtown and the airport. Went past the apartment complex were we lived in 1976/77 where many of you visited us before or after Wendy was born. Also frequently pass the UMC where Roberta went (?) and near which she lived. Didn't see the plaque acknowledging her having lived/visited there but personal knowledge trumps plaques anyday!


Mom & Dad said...

Thanks for the greetings from SD. Been reading about how bad the city of SD finances are.

Did you take a detour into Mexico on this trip?

Mom & Dad

Roberta said...

Thanks for the California memories.....but what I remember the most about San Diego is Wendy as a baby, that and selling pots and pans! We will be headed over to California in just two weeks! I might even have to miss out on America's Most Wanted that evening! We do plan to attend the Crystal Cathedral service either on Saturday or Sunday before we board the SHip, THE VISION.

We are watching LARRY KING show about Ed Bradley. Have had a big day today with attending a Veteran's Day program at 9 am (we were there by 8:30!) and got in both a bike ride and an art show, and then tonight a special service at our church. More later, Best to everyone..........Roberta the commenter

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