Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving in Sun City West

Sid had a minor health crisis yesterday, but is feeling, looking and sounding MUCH better today. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, without the bacon since I forgot to cook it. I thought about making pumpkin pancakes, but since neither Sid nor I are that wild about pumpkin (unlike Roberta), so I made plain buttermilk pancakes. Plus we have pumpkin yeast bread left over from yesterday to eat.

After much discussion, we have settled on Coco's for Thanksgiving lunch. Roberta is going to Chez Nous to NOT work, but work-the-crowd fairly soon - lunch is at 12 noon there. And then about 2 we plan to leave for Coco's.

Roberta and Sid are also getting ready for the big trip - they leave for LA Saturday morning and the Mexican Riviera on Sunday.

I'm thinking about taking a long bike ride today - rode to Meeker/Reems and just south of Cactus the other day - about 20 miles round trip. I never did see the post office that Roberta had mentioned - turns out it is just south of R. H. Johnson, but you can't see it unless you turn left on Wilson. I only went about 16 miles out of the way - nice bike ride though.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Sure glad Sid is feeling better and hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Would hate for them to miss the trip as it sure sounds good. Spoke to Mom and Dad tonight and they had a good day, helping deliver some meals to needy in Wilmington then going back to Wendy's to eat themselves (where the lunch is served). Also went to Extended Care to visit afterward they said. Watching a show on the Travel Channel currently on Belgium...the hostess has eaten escargot and herring. VERY YUCK! Even tofu sounds better than either one of those.

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