Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not to be left out

Didn't want the rest of the family to have all the fun of blogging without me! Sounds like the baby of the family---always wanting to be in the middle of things! The only shopping we did yesterday was at Home Depot to get paint and supplies. Painted bottom half of living room (between the new floor and where the chair rail had been moved) plus my dressing area. Roberta will remember I started that project when they were here in August! Will try to get a picture of living room and post it this weekend; we are very anxious to have the new carpet which will arrive 12/4.
Today Don has a funeral to conduct at his (former) church; the kids and I are going to help with the Soup Kitchen at church and then go on to Macon to donate platelets through American Red Cross as they have a 3 yr. old patient with leukemia in need of transfusions. How blessed we are with good health!
Maybe the highlight of the day will be the GEORGIA vs. GEORGIA TECH football game today on tv. Having 2 children rooting for opposing teams should be interesting. Their own school, Trinity, will be in state football playoffs next Friday night in the Georgia Independent School Association.

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