Monday, November 06, 2006


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Ginny and Kate at various ages


Mary Uible Crowson said...

What dolls! Good thing the boys don't care about the blog (yet?) or they would be demanding equal time. Thanks for taking the time to scan and post all the pictures.

serena said...

They are very cute, especially together. If one was just looking at the photos, one would assume the age gap between the cousins was about the same as the sisters below!

serena said...


I haven't seen very many photographs of the boys together. In fact, I don't remember seeing any of just the two of them. I do have quite a few very good ones of them on their own or with various other people, particularly their respective older sisters. Also, sent a cute one of Christian Michael with his great uncle Sid to Roberta the other day . . . don't think I sent it to you, but I can if you like, once I get my computer back online.

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