Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I need to get to the kitchen soon as I'm planning several things - coffeecake, at Sid's request, and bread for Roberta and Sid to take to group dinner tonight.

In addition to the chocolate covered peanuts of Sid's, we also got wheat germ, ground flax seed and cracked wheat. Also, Stash's Tea was on sale (for $1.99) - so, thinking of Catherine, got raspberry white tea. I don't remember trying the white tea at my last breakfast when I was there - on the other hand, there are so many grains in the bowl that it would be hard to notice, especially since white tea is known for its non-assertiveness. They made granola while I was there last time - it was excellent!

Catherine, have a postcard and sudoku puzzles for you plus at least one library book to be returned (the Berg one - the ending was pretty good, but the rest of it . . . didn't care for, not worth it). Also, tonight I'm going to clear my old phone - I read that the phones are being collected at GPL for some group to distribute to . . . abused women, I think. I don't know if they really want mine - it is the old kind without the 911 "enhancement" now required which is why I had to get a new phone in the first place.

Cabela's was okay - huge place for gear related to hunting, fishing and other stuff I'm not interested in, at not cheap prices. We went to REI the other day - prices more reasonable and much more interesting stuff. Got a few new things for my new bike. Also got a new bag for my bike at Target last night - interesting comparing REI and Target - Target had more stuff than I had guessed and REI, on at least some things, was more reasonable.

Looked for swimming goggles at Target, but no luck - they are out of season. I guess not enough people who use indoor pools buy goggles in the winter time. I can't swim in pool water without goggles - not more than a length of a pool, so will probably go some place more expensive and spend the bucks for a more expensive pair.

Daytime temperatures here have been in the 80s, nights in the 50s. So I'm still biking in shorts and sandals.

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Catherine said...

Thanks for the update, Serena. We were wondering what you thought of Cabela's.

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