Friday, November 17, 2006

Get inspired banners

This is supposed to be a randomly generated banner, but so far I've only seen the one.


Roberta said...

quiet in cyberspace~~~~ but after reading the get motivated banner thought I should add my cents worth. We have just come from a shopping expedition. First stop was Sprouts. Some folks might think it a health food store, but Sid goes for the double dipped chocolate peanuts. Next stop was the Target where Sid loves the technology department.

We have a busy weekend planned and am hoping to get in a small bike ride each day.

I did think of posting, but could not find the area to do that the other night. SERENA????

Will leave some space in cyberland for others. hint, hint......Roberta the blogger

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I think my tastes are more like Sid's; chocolate covered peanuts are the best! Could identify better with that than the tea comments which follow. I will avoid my usual "comment" regarding families of origin---JK!

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