Friday, November 24, 2006

The latest

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Trust everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving Day! If you haven't heard I had the opportunity to work. Quite the day, I was there at 10 am to let the cooks, oh I mean chefs in and the first guests began to arrive at 10:30! Quickly the one chef said, "it is 12 noon that we are to serve?" Speaking of serving Serena just brought me in my hot cap of tea! Back to yesterday, the meal went fine, I brought home many leftovers from carrot puree to green bean casserole made with fresh green beans! All the food was wonderful, all made from scratch. This couple who did the catering (at $14 per person~~~~ a deal) Ah, that is another long story, the hope was to have Discover credit card folks pay for the meal, but then the promise came of more dollars in the future and $200 for now. Last year we had an assisted living facility cook the meals......but their kitchens did not want to participate this year! We served a full house (had been turning away names for the last two weeks plus!) of 75 folks and some did use those donation envelopes we had handy, as whenever we had the opportunity to say, this year it was necessary for us to purchase.....

This time tomorrow or sooner we will be on our roadtrip to California, and then get on the VISION on Sunday for the Mexican Riviera cruise. If the trip is extended we will be fine with the amount of stuff we take!

I am about to go and have some of Serena's muffins.....pumpkin ones! The small loaves of pumpkin bread that Serena made for me to hand out made a big hit.

Was anyone in the stores this morning at 5 am? I saw where some opened at 3 am!!! I almost wanted to go just for the experience of it all!

I do want everyone to know that I continue to read and enjoy the posts even when you don't see my name up on the screen! Ah, that picture of me......Andrew gets the credit for taking it this last July. I have even more grey hair now! And Serena is the poster. Best of weekends to one and all! Roberta


Catherine said...

Roberta, glad to read your blog posting! Will you have internet access while on your cruise?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

RUK, you have certainly made up for lost time with your long and newsy blog. Hope you guys have a wonderful time! Don is off to do a funeral and I am ready for breakfast---french toast casserole!

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